Writing TV with Pilar Alessandra

'I need to write and I need to get paid to write'... If this statement resonates, this class is for you.

It’s also why you should be developing ideas and writing for television.


In this two day practical masterclass with Pilar Alessandra, we will show you how to deconstruct your ideas and then rebuild them into marketable projects that commissioners will be clamouring to read.


You will arrive at the class with a collection of great ideas and leave with refocused stories and a clear road map to the commissioners.  


'Jam packed with practical tools and effortless insight – brilliant teaching from a very generous expert'
Giselle Boucher – Writer

What will I learn?

In an exciting atmosphere with other screenwriters, you will learn 'through doing'...

  • How to develop a “hook” for your series that reels in audiences and commissioners
  • Getting the form, genre and tone that’s right for your series
  • How to pitch your series and pilot episode so you go from "maybe" to "yes"
  • How to create your series ‘bible’
  • How to create a rich spectrum of characters that will ensure your series runs and runs
  • Fast and powerful tips for writing comedy and drama so you can write effectively and quickly
  • How to mine your concept and universe for numerous killer episodes
  • How to create compelling relationships within your series that grab the hearts and minds of readers and audiences alike.
  • The unique rules of structuring and outlining episode one
  • How to build a world and draw from it's unique "rules".

‘Exceeded all my expectations – a must for any writer, no matter how experienced!’
Natasha Pring – Actor, Writer

Why is writing for television different and hugely attractive in 2018?

Television is prolific

Television NEEDS new stuff. It’s a monster that needs continually feeding and someone needs to write it. Why not you?



Television is the new film

With HD and new technology, television is now cinematic with world class cinematography, A-list actors and stunning design... Bottom line, ‘Game Of Thrones’ is simply better than ‘The Hobbit’. That would never have been the case a decade ago. And it's ALL in the writing.

Television can take risks

Television can take much bigger risks than film. Shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ prove that it’s not only possible, but it’s also what audiences are clamouring for. While Hollywood reboots sequels and franchises, television is busy telling much more challenging stories about human beings, stories that audiences are begging for.

The business is innovating

Unlike film, television is innovating and finding new ways to reach audiences. Whether it’s the BBC iPLayer or Netflix blazing a trail, television is a cash rich industry that has a vested interest in re-investing into itself.



Television pays

I don’t know about you but I need to get paid for my writing and television demonstrably out performs film when it comes to getting paid for your words. It’s just fact.

Television is expanding

Where film is shrinking, television is expanding. Why would anyone not be drawn to writing for a medium that is growing, both economically and also creatively?

‘Quite frankly Pilar’s workshop is the best event I’ve attended on screenwriting’
Richard Edwards – Writer

Joining Pilar... UK industry heavyweights

It’s not just about writing tools and exercises, this workshop is also about the UK television business and how to infiltrate and proliferate. Joining Pilar onstage will be two industry heavyweights. Last time it was Gub Neal and John Yorke. We will announce these guests over the Summer.

How are my workshops different?

'I believe in active, participatory classes where writers get a chance to learn “on the job.”  That means we brainstorm, pitch and write directly in class. By the end of day two, you’ll have all of your elements in place to plunge into the writing of your pilot episode and to verbally present your series to the industry right away. Come in ready to learn, have fun … and write!'

Pilar Alessandra

Saturday Night Networking

We will be holding networking drinks on the Saturday evening, at a nearby pub (venue TBC). This is an excellent chance to make a pile of powerful new contacts that can help move your project to the next stage. Remember, at the heart of all our events is our community and networking. So dive in, ask for help and offer your help too. Everyone has a unique set of skills, resources and contacts – and these events help connect that talent and resources.

My Pledge To You

If your screenwriting is not taken to a whole new level during the workshop, I will give you a full refund on the spot. Remember, as an organization, we are in the trenches right beside you. We have made films, we are making films and we connect with hundreds of experienced screenwriters, producers and filmmakers through the London Screenwriters' Festival. 


Chris Jones

Creative Director

Photos from the last Writing TV class with Pilar

Terms and Conditions

If you need to cancel your ticket purchase you can get a full refund up until 30 days prior to the first event. After that we cannot offer refunds. Refunds will be paid back promptly although there will be a 10% admin fee deducted. Alternatively, tickets are transferable to other people if you can find someone to replace you. We are happy to change the name on the ticket. Please allow 48 hours for this change to take place. We reserve the right to decline admission and offer a full refund at our discretion. We reserve the right to change the venue. We reserve the right to cancel the event and offer a full refund.

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