Schedule: Writing TV with Pilar Alessandra

When: March 24th and 25th (Sat / Sun) 2018 // Where: Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, London, W5 5EP // How Much: £159

Day 1: The Series and Pilot


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10.00am Form and Genre - The Log Line and Series Pitch - The World

  • Form and Genre: By knowing the length, scope and genre of your project, you and your producer are able to envision your show.  
  • Log Line and Series Pitch: Having made decisions about form and genre, we now add “idea” to the mix to create a pitch of your series idea.  We focus on the unique hook and the potential for week-to-week conflict.
  • The World: We describe the world by looking at its unique rules.  What’s special about your world?  Who’s in charge?

11.30am (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

12.00am Characters

  • Characters: We build out the cast of characters by looking at character spectrum and character triangulation. We then create a character breakdown that can be used within a series bible. 

1.30pm (60 mins)

 Lunch and Networking

2.30pm Guest Speaker: John Yorke


3.30pm Landing Points, Origin plus Episode

  • Landing points: In order to know what to write, we have to know where the pilot lands.  What’s established at pilot’s end that will help you come up with the story you need?
  • Origin plus Episode: Working on the theory that strong pilots have “origin” on one side and “mini-episode” on the other, we continue to build out the story of the pilot.

4.00pm (15 mins)

Coffee and Networking

4.15pm Act Breaks, Structure, Pilot Pitch

  • Act Breaks: We discuss the importance of act breaks in TV and show how the act breaks alone tell the story of a television show.
  • Structure: A fill-in structure template is provided to help brainstorm act breaks and organize story.
  • Pilot Pitch: Having made decisions about story and characters, we now add to the series pitch to bring in the pilot idea.

5.00pm Close and Networking


Day 2: The Craft and the Writers Room

10.00am Brainstorming Episodes, Writers' Room Dynamics

  • Brainstorming episodes: We use characters, relationships and environment to build out the story and create new episodes. 
  • Writers’ Room Dynamics: We brainstorm story, scenes and jokes within a group setting, mimicking the dynamics of a writers’ room.

11.30am (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

12.00am Structural Trends, the Scenes

  • Structural Trends: Structural rules change constantly for television, but we look at the general trends for half-hour, one hour and closed series. 
  • The Scenes: We discuss the elements of a good TV scene and use a scene synopsis technique to create an outline for the pilot.

1.00pm (60 mins)

 Lunch and Networking

2.00pm Page Work


3:00pm The Craft

  • The Craft: We take a hard look at the page.  What actions are shown?  How are characters introduced? How are the rhythms established?  How do we bring in comedy and drama?  It’s all about specificity and pace.

3.30pm (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

4.00pm Story Brainstorm, Season Arcs, Concept Sheet

  • Story Brainstorming for the Season: We go over the brainstorming tips and techniques that help create seasons of episodes in the writers’ room.
  • Season Arcs: We’ll discuss the ways that character and relationship arcs determine the end of each season. 
  • The Concept Sheet: Here all of the elements are brought together to create a workable presentation that can be shown to producers.

5.00pm Close 

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