Feedback for the 2018 WritingTV Masterclass in London

‘Pilar is an inspiration for any writer. End of story.’

Carmen Radtke, Writer



‘This is a must for anyone who aspires to write for TV – in the UK or the USA. Clear, concise, and gets you brainstorming and writing quickly!’
Kosha Engler, Actor & Writer

'I arrived with a blank page and a feeling of obligation “gotta add TV writing to my skill set.” I’m leaving excited about new possibilities, new understanding, and eager to start working on a new project!'

Vera Mark, Writer

'Pilar is practical, inspiring, and very entertaining.'

Graeme Benson, Writer

'Even having been a screenwriter for over twenty years I still pick up new tricks every time I attend Pilar’s classes and it renews my passion for writing.'

Kriss Sprules, Writer/Director

'Pilar is a living legend. Her directions are priceless and her enthusiasm and optimism keep my dream alive.'
Al Valentini, Writer & Actor

'Insightful, funny, and engaging. There’s no better start for breaking into TV.'
James Alexander Allen, Writer

'I now have a one-page pitch for a series that has been in my head for years.'
Laura Golz, Writer

'I’ve worked with and studied under many great writing teachers and consultants in my time, but Pilar is a class above all of them. I recommend her books, classes and podcast to all of my students, colleagues, friends and my film-making network.'

Kriss Sprules, Writer/Director

'Brilliant at keeping the lecture on track and very impressive at taking in participants’ pitches and teasing them into structured shape on the spot. A lady who clearly is fully conversive with her craft.'
Brenda Brady, Writer & Script Editor

Feedback for the 2016 WritingTV Masterclass in London

‘Pilar has done it again! Kind and constructive, energetic and knowledgeable, she gives you the skills to take your writing to a whole new level’.
Joy Smith, Screenwriter



‘Pilar cuts through all the extraneous BS involved in getting your series idea out of your head and onto the page’.
Scott Davenport, Screenwriter



‘I met the most amazing bunch of other writers and networked effortlessly, almost like a side-effect’.
Kristina Day, TV Screenwriter



‘I feel incredibly inspired to go home and do great things with my writing’.
Ian Martin, Screenwriter



‘The great thing about Pilar’s classes is that you always come away with at least one piece of game-changing advice’.
K T Parker, Screenwriter & Producer


‘This was a Masterclass in motivation which showed me simple and clear steps to take in order to get my TV series out of my candy floss mind, onto paper and into the hands of the Broadcasting Commissioners – Woo Hoo!’
Ann Theato, Screenwriter & Actress



‘This was my first Masterclass from Pilar Alessandra, chaired by Chris Jones – and I was blown away by their energy and expertise’.
Catherine Veitch, Children’s non-fiction Writer~


‘I feel 100% more confident in my ability to put together a pitch and pilot episode for an original series. Pilar is a legend!’
Alex English, Author & Screenwriter


‘Pilar was amazing – focused, enthusiastic and inspirational’.
Angela Gregory, Screenwriter


‘The concept sheet was a revelation when I always thought I needed to write a massive treatment’.
Leslie Lee, Producer & Screenwriter

‘As a graduate and looking to get my foot in the door, this class really has given me all of the tools to help me improve my writing and understand what industry professionals are looking for’.
Rhianne Deans, Screenwriter


‘I have learned more about my TV script in the last two days than in the previous two months’.
Andrew Williamson, Screenwriter


‘I got re-energised to produce work and worry about what others think about it later (or never!)’.
Clint Evans, Screenwriter


‘I have formulated a new TV series idea from nothing and woke up this morning with more ideas for it! The workshop stopped me procrastinating and made me just do it’.
Sarah L King, Screenwriter & Filmmaker


‘I now understand how to convert my screenplay into a TV series’.
Mark Nicoll, Screenwriter & Producer


‘After I read my rough pitch out to the group a Producer/Writer came up to me and offered to help me develop it and connect me to the people he knows in the industry because he loved my idea. I have come home! This is my tribe!’.
Pernille Norregaard, Screenwriter


‘After the class it’s like a light goes off – ahhhh, I get it!’.
Simon Bassi, Screenwriter & Actor


‘I now have a clear sense of how to put a pilot show together and the focus and confidence to do it. A truly motivating weekend!’.
Keira Francis, Screenwriter


‘Pilar has helped me to get my script into shape and I can’t wait to get started and apply some of the stuff I’ve learned to freshen up my other projects’.
Michael Richardson, Screenwriter


‘Not only do you get fabulous writing advice you get to meet other writers and feel that you are not alone’.
Johnny Parker, Screenwriter & Filmmaker


‘This course if perfect for aspiring writers, not just established. Pilar is amazing at helping you shape your ideas’.
Suzanne Cole, Writer


‘I now understand how to think about and outline my TV show idea, and I’m excited to hit the ground running’.
Chika Anadu, Director & Screenwriter


Feedback from London Screenwriters' Festival

‘Just bloody brilliant’
Mary Evans, Screenwriter


‘Perfect! Brilliant! Awesome!’
Gaile Garnelyte, Screenwriter


‘Pilar was AWESOME’
Dee Chilton, Screenwriter


‘Pilar is also very encouraging and clearly wants people to do well’
Vicky Hinault, Screenwriter


‘Brilliant, or to use her vernacular, awesome’
Kevin Drury, Screenwirter


‘Brilliant. She was warm and funny and had great insights to how it all works. A very enjoyable, informative day.’
Craig Griffith, Filmmaker


‘The workshop was an informative and entertaining experience. Pilar is an accomplished speaker, nothing fazed her and she made everyone feel comfortable.’
Amy Hardiman, Screenwriter


Amy Amani, Screenwriter


‘Pilar was insightful, inspiring, witty and welcoming’
Scott Davenport, Screenwriter


‘An excellent workshop. Insightful, inspiring and jam packed with useful tools and information’
Janet Awe, Screenwriter


‘Brilliant! indeed, really useful...’
Elisa Della Scala, Screenwirter


‘Absolutely inspiring and stimulating!
Giordano Trischitta, Screenwriter


‘Pilar’s workshop was filled with ballsy woman confidence.’
Alison Down, Writer


‘Pilar Alessandra’s enthusiasm for her craft was infectious!’
Marie Amaler, Writer & Script Developer


‘I am now applying what I learned to my screenplay, making it not only more sellable, but also more engaging.’
Amy Hardiman, Screenwriter


‘A powerhouse session’
Paul Sukhija, Filmmaker


‘A wonderfully inspiring and informative session’
Donna Roa. Screenwriter

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